About OTC-Canada

OTC-Canada is a specialized organic importer and part of OTC-Organics. With the head office in Europe OTC-Canada has a broad global network of suppliers. We can always provide the best quality.


Our products are stored in Woodbridge, Toronto, where we have a fully equipped, state of the art, warehouse. Each product we store at its ideal conditions. From this central location we can distribute quickly and efficiently across Canada. Together with several specialized transporters we provide fast processing and delivery of your order.

This is what we do.

Core Values

Organic integrity, Transparency and Commitment: these core values are embedded in our organization, in our work and our drive. We continuously strive for the right balance in the supply chain and have respect for suppliers, customers, partners and employees.


Commitment – Dedicated and proactive
OTC-Canada works daily with various parties such as growers / suppliers and customers and service providers, and associates in the field of certification, inspection, storage, packaging and distribution. We strive to build and maintain long-term relationships with all parties. We see this as our duty. Just as providing the best products, the best possible service and the fastest delivery. We see it as our task to continuously stay in touch with all our relations to keep us focused. We are committed achieve our mission, vision, ambition and goals, but we want to be flexible in the way we want to achieve this.


Transparency – Crystal clear and direct
Through our years of experience we have gained a lot of knowledge of the organic market and organic fruit and vegetables. We recognize trends and developments in the organic market. In our team we work with short lines. Our working method to our growers / suppliers and customers is always transparent. As a market partner we communicate clearly about the sales potential and we are efficient in the financial settlement. We guard the quality of the products we sell and offer a high level of service.

Organic Integrity

Organic Integrity – More than organic certified
Organic integrity, that is the essence of OTC-Canada. OTC-Canada guarantees organic integrity by only working with the best certified organic growers / suppliers. Our Quality Managers regularly visit our growers for audits at locally and abroad. At arrival we check our organic products on quality, which must meet high standards. Additionally, we perform laboratory analyses, so we are sure that our products are absolutely free of residues. For our activities of import, export, storage, distribution and packaging, we have all necessary certificates. Our working method can be described as pure, conscious and no nonsense, without artificial applications. We communicate and act transparent and direct.


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