About us

About OTC-Canada

• Specialist in organic fruits and vegetables
• Varied range of fresh fruit and vegetables
• Import
• Long-term relationships
• Close cooperation with growers and customers
• Professional quality management
• Broad market coverage
• Worldwide organic network
• Customized service
• Organic integrity

Why OTC?

At OTC Canada Inc. we believe in healthy, sustainable, fair and delicious fruits and vegetables! We stand for our organic growers and social and sustainable farming without genetic and chemical additives. We want to be part of a social and sustainable supply chain, with a fair and delicious organic product as end result. In addition, organic farming ensures that the environment, nature, landscape and human/animal welfare is protected and maintained. Farming with future, that is what we believe in.

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This is what we do.

Core Values

Organic integrity, Transparency and Commitment: these core values are embedded in our organization, in our work and our drive. We continuously strive for the right balance in the supply chain and have respect for suppliers, customers, partners and employees.

Organic Integrity